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Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

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Custom Foot Orthotics/Sports Medicine

Welcome to Rivertowns Orthotics. Rivertowns Orthotics is conveniently located in the office of Dr Marc Kaplan, 56 Lefurgy Ave in the village of Hastings -on-Hudson. Dr. Stuart Bernstein’s main podiatry practice is located at 119 W 57th St in Manhattan where he has been specializing in the making of custom foot orthotics for the past 35 years.

It is critically important to understand the many conditions of the foot that can be successfully treated by the use of orthotics. There are many shoe inserts that are sold in a pre-fabricated way; that is sold in drug stores, online websites, shoe stores, and the like. There is a very big difference in having these devices made by a doctor after a thorough evaluation as to a patient’s needs.

Dr Bernstein is happy to finally bring this specialty of his to the Rivertowns, where he has resided for the past 30 years.

Having been a runner for many years and specializing in sports medicine, Dr. B has solved many a mechanical foot issue by this particular specialty. Having trained in California and having studied and worked with many of the pioneers and masters that were in the forefront of the orthopedic use of orthotics, Dr. Bernstein prides himself on his skill with this approach. Dr. Bernstein has a friendly, flexible approach to treating all foot issues and will be happy to discuss your particular problem via email or phone if you have any questions at all relating to your particular problem(s).